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Clyde & Scheherzade Daniels 

Clyde and Scheherazade Daniels are the Founders and Senior Leaders of Dominion Harvest Ministries in Atlanta Georgia. Called as co-labors in the Body of Christ, their passion is to see Christ revealed through demonstration of the Kingdom of God in the earth. They are mandated by God to train, equip, impart, activate and release individuals to carry the presence of God that releases transformation throughout the earth. They are also the founders and Apostolic Overseers of Dominion Ambassadors Network (D.A.N) which provides impartation, activation, training, equipping, resources, relational covering and accountability to 5-fold leaders, churches, businesses and schools, providing training and equipping to assist them to take dominion in their sphere of influence and become 21 st Century ambassadorial leaders of the Kingdom of God. Apostle Clyde is anointed for healing, the prophetic and revelation of the apostolic and prophetic dimensions as pertaining to the Kingdom of God. This is evident through his prophetic revelatory preaching, teaching and impartation that activate God’s purpose in the lives of Believers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration & Ethics and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Apostle Scheherazade walks in a prophetic mantle for impartation and activating the Saints into their purpose as well as a strong grace for deliverance and spiritual warfare. As an intercessor she carries a mantle for breakthroughs in the areas of finance, business and marketplace strategies. She is mandated by God to train, equip, impart and activate the Body of Christ into their destinies with revelatory preaching, teaching and prophetic application of the Word of God. She is an author, a businesswoman, an educator, business and a business success coach. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D) in Organizational Leadership. Together Clyde and Scheherazade have developed and facilitate the “Demonstrating the Kingdom Workshops” which are trainings designed to equip and activate churches and small groups for the work of the ministry. They include Moving in the Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Ministry, Prayer, Intercession and Spiritual Warfare. They are also the creators and host the Demonstrating the Kingdom Podstream launching Spring, 2023. They are the parents of 3 daughters, Shaheedrah, Kayla and Bethany, and grandparents of Joah, Jael, Shiloh, and Sampson. They currently reside in the Greater Atlanta, GA region.

Dominion Ambassadors 


Dominion Ambassadors Network (D.A.N.) is a network of 5 Fold Ministry Leaders (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) who are in covenant relationship with Apostles Clyde and Scheherazade Daniels that desire to see the glory of the Lord’s Kingdom (authority, dominion, government, reign, throne) manifested in earth.

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The purpose of Dominion Harvest Ministries is to fully equip and empower every believer to know, understand and fulfill their purpose as citizens of the Kingdom of God. It is a place where every covenant shareholder will receive strong discipleship, spiritual impartation, activation of gifts, prophetic revelation and the tools that enable them to live a life of dominion and demonstrate the Kingdom of God in every sphere of society here on earth. By this we will raise the standard of kingdom living and transform our world around us.


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