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The phrase Kingdom of God and the word Kingdom are more than a new buzz words that mean much more than the way it is used today in conversation, nor is it a new religious doctrine that some believe. In its simplest definition, it is the rule of God. But there is much more to the words Kingdom and Kingdom of God. Demonstrating the Kingdom, Releasing the Power of God in the Earth was written to bring a clear understanding the what is the Kingdom of God and what it is not. Penned in two sections, the provides a biblical explanation of the various Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek words for Kingdom as well as the words related to it used in the English translations. The second section explores the various ways the God’s Kingdom can be demonstrated through believers by the power of the Holy Spirit. As you read these pages, my prayer is that the reader will encounter the power of the Holy Spirit in a fresh new way that causes them to Demonstrate the Kingdom of God in their sphere of influence. 

Demonstrating the Kingdom

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